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OHIO Fire Code Change (posted '08 but kept here for reference)



Through the diligence of Zenith Design Group, the premier fire-training provider in the state of Ohio, the following important information about changes to the Ohio Fire Code is explained:

The first code change requires an Annual Inspection Tag be completed and attached to every fire alarm system (OFC 901.6.3) ? both new and existing systems included. This tag should be completed and placed at the fire alarm control panel (FACP) or other approved location when the fire licensed technician performs the site?s annual, semi-annual or quarterly inspection.

The second code change now requires an Out of Service Tag be placed on any required fire alarm system or portion thereof that is non-operational (OFC 901.7.2).

The adoption of these two new requirements is important because it means that we will see the enforcement of required Fire Alarm System Test & Inspections begin statewide. Until now, few municipalities in our state put much emphasis on these inspection requirements. Now that an Inspection Tag is required, it will be much easier for fire code officials to enforce building owners to make sure their building fire alarm system is in proper operation. Now, when the fire safety officer enters a building inspecting for things like properly working emergency lighting, clutter free exits, un-padlocked fire doors and a tag on the fire extinguisher, he will also be able to check for a fire alarm system Inspection Tag. A glance at this tag will tell the inspector at once whether the building Fire Alarm system is under contract for regular test and inspections by a licensed fire alarm company. In addition, no building owner in the sate will want to leave their system un-repaired for very long because it means a red Out of Service tag will be posted on their Fire Alarm control panel.

Zenith has prepared an easy, one page reference guide.
Click the PDF icon for the Tag Compliance Documentation
PDF should download or open in a new document window: 

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Security Source Line of DVRs...


Looking for alternatives in Digital Video Recording?
Check out the line of Security Source DVRs - fully featured, priced right. 4/8/16 Channel Models

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- Expansion -

  • The Security Source EXPANDS:  Security Source on the Grow? Shouldn't that be "on the Go?" Yes, because we are very busy filling and shipping orders to dealers across the Midwest. "On the Grow?" Yes, because we have expanded once again. We've moved, so we're taking on much more space to house more inventory, shelving, and space for increased office and shipping room space. Now we have actually a fairly large building that we own. So change that to, "Security Source on the Grow and on the Go." Okay, that works. And we thought you might want to know. Thanks.

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For all of our security products and allied systems, we provide the fastest shipping and services primarily to those in the Midwest;
Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Western Pennsylvania, Western New York, West Virginia, and other areas across the U.S.  

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